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Cmplete engine rebuilt.
Tune up for your vehicle for a longer life.
Transmission repair or complete rebuild.
New paint to make your vehicle look like new.
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General mechanic

From break check up up to a new motor engine of transmission, we can do it all. Gasoline and Diesel.

tune up's

le reaches time to slow down, and a good tune up it could bave it like a brand new. We can take care

body paint

Every car has its body issues, from the dent on the door at the grocerie store all the way to a Hail demage. We are here to fix every issues. After all, the car can be running great but a bad paint shows the wrong idea.

oil change

Oil change is the most basic vehicle maintenance, but the most important. Oil is the life of the vehicle and its required to be replace as often as recomended for the vehicles maker.

Welcome to 3A's Complete Auto Care

3 A's Completer Auro Repair was started in 2007 byt the owener Arturo to have a better mecanical facilites 3 A's Complete Auto Repair has quickly grown from single car shop to a full and complete auto facilities for better acomodate current and new customers..

We understand that customer has the choosing other mechanics, but here at 3 A's complete Auto Repair has everything to meet their needs, from a single oil change, general maintenance, frame repair, shocks replacements, body work / paint, state inspections, and so much more


Available Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Latest News

  • 8.01.2015Facepage
  • 12.15.2012Started bigger building to accomodate more cars
  • 9.15.2012Construction of new street at Brockbank by the city of Dallas
  • 03.05.2010Working on a better shop.

About Us

The Maintenace of your vehicle is as importance to you as it is for us. We want to have a customer happy for life.

At 3A's Completer Auto Care go go the extra mile to meet your needs, we want to make sure you vehicle is ready for the road.



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